When your doorbell rings and you receive a special delivery filled with gorgeous roses, you can’t help but feel excited and overcome with joy. You sign on the dotted line and thank your delivery man, then head off to place your flowers where everyone can see them. If you have multiple bouquets or wish to change up the location of your standard rose display, here are five different areas of your home that will show off your flowers in some of the most unexpected places.

The Kitchen


We spend a lot of time in our kitchen, whether it’s pouring our morning coffee or hosting guests for the evening. Placing your flowers on you large center island is the perfect way to show off your new arrangement, while also creating a talking point and making it the focal point of the home.

The Office

Placing your arrangement in your office provides a sense of ease and calmness during your busy workday. Adding a little nature to your workspace will not only liven it up but offer a gorgeous décor piece.

The Entryway

Flowers in the entryway will never go out of style. It makes for quite the entrance whether it’s you or your guests coming through the front door. A beautiful bouquet can captivate any audience and create an instant ethereal atmosphere.

The Guest Bedroom


When you have guests stay with you, adding flowers to their room will make them feel special and boast a huge welcome. They can make anybody feel right at home!

The Master Bathroom

Next to your vanity or alongside your bathtub is the perfect area to display your flowers. They will be a pretty addition and add to the serenity of your candlelit bath time.