We aim to bring you an exceptional floral experience showcasing prestigious long-lasting roses so you can relive extraordinary moments again and again.


A Rose Box provides a unique experience with long-lasting roses that remain in full bloom for a year. Each order is custom made to fit your needs including size, color, design, and more! No matter the event, Rose Box offers the perfect keepsake for your celebration.

  • Gift Bags
  • Baby Shower
  • Dinner Party
  • Bridal Shower
  • Bridesmaid Gifts
  • Corporate Events
  • Wedding Reception
  • Anniversary Celebration
  • … and your unique festivity

Create customized branded Rose Boxes to use as gifts or to showcase your company in the office, at an event & photoshoot, or to adorn an important business meeting. Each box will include your brand’s logo and themed flowers aligned with your brands aesthetic.

There’s no better way to show your appreciation for your wedding guests than to give them a customized Rose Rox for them to take home. These beautiful made-to-order displays can feature your personalized touch for all to remember your special day with your initials, names, and dates. Use the arrangement to display on your tablescape, bar, or wherever you please to add a beautiful touch of elegance.

Make a lasting impression at your corporate event with a customized Rose Box featuring your brand. Choose from a wide variety of colors for the box and roses to make this standout piece uniquely yours!

Make your gender reveal party or baby shower even more special with a Rose Box! Send us an email on how to contact your doctor or send us directly the results of your baby examination and we will prepare a Rose Box unique for the occasion, matching the theme of your party and displaying the most anticipated reveal!

Personalized Message

Custom Initial

Mix & Match

Custom Number


Fill in the form or contact our Event Manager at [email protected] or +1-855-WE-ROSEBOX to learn more about our special prices for company events, wedding gifts and personalized memories.

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