General Care Instructions

With no maintenance required, caring for your Rose Box couldn’t be easier!

Half Ball Removal Instructions

1. Please cut the shipping box down at each corner (see QR video)
2. Push the small latch in on the base of the zip tie and pull to release
3. Repeat the process with all zip ties, being careful to not touch the roses
4. Carefully slide the box out from underneath and lift your arrangement from the foam

Care Kit Instructions

  • Try to clear the space where the original rose had fallen as best as possible
  • Remove the rose from its packaging
  • Find the attached adhesive at the bottom of the rose and carefully remove the plastic cover
  • Firmly press the rose onto the arrangement and hold for 60 seconds, so the adhesive creates a permanent bond

If you have any issues at all, no worries, we are happy to help to quickly rectify the situation quickly, please feel free to call us at 646-374-1711 or email us at [email protected]