Bring a Little Barbie into Your Life

Greta Gerwig’s new movie Barbie has everyone wearing pink and wanting every day to be a Blowout Party. But it also has us feeling that everyone deserves to feel like they are kenough. And nothing says you are perfect just the way you are like a gift from a loved one. While our roses are anything but plastic…
they are still fantastic. 
To Show Someone They are Kenough
Just like Barbie, you can begin your day feeling beautiful and powerful. Having flowers in the home cultivates intentionality to your space. The pinks and the whites will stand out in any room making it far from stereotypical Barbie. With your heels firmly planted on the ground and your confidence firmly planted in yourself, you can go forward knowing you are just who you need to be.
To Make Every Home a Dreamhouse
Our new PINK Collection is the perfect to live out your Barbieland fantasy! Centerpieces like Golden Mini Half Ball With Light Pink Roses and Ceramic Class Half Ball will have your home feel like the Barbie Dreamhouse every time you pass by them. To make every night girls’ night or to make your space SUBLIME! 

Think Pink Collection