Custom Boxed Roses that Last & Last

By Katelyn Chef

February has important flower holidays like Galentine's Day & more famous, Valentine's Day.Personally, I can love or leave either, but the opportunity to shop & photograph flowers is always a bright spot for me!By now, you've seen the large round & square boxed roses that last 365 days, correct?  These boxed eternity roses are popular on Instagram. Today, they are so many varieties of boxed eternity roses & they now come at all price points.
Mind you, roses are already expensive flowers, but ones that last a long time are a bit {more} expensive too. These various ever-lasting roses, make a great addition to your coffee table, dresser, & home. Plus, there is no up-keep--only lightly dusting the eternity roses every now & then. So, they kind of pay for themselves!Here is a list of places you too can purchase boxed eternity roses--there are options to buy one le petite fleur up to large round boxed roses...& most places have custom rose color options as well as options to have the rose box customized too.So, these 'infinity roses' make a great Valentine & Galentine Gift!
Rose Box New York City Long-lasting Roses
Medium box with Light Pink roses & logo customizationMine was gifted from Rose Box New York City {medium blush pink round} & I think they're stunning!

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