Dress Your Home for the Holidays with Rose Box



Bring a touch of holiday cheer, all year long with your very own customized forever roses box! From our exquisite gold vase half ball options to our stunning rose gold vase variations,  you’re bound to find the perfect centerpiece for this special time of year that will timelessly elevate your space! 

Our year long roses are perfect for elegantly capturing the holiday spirit and will undoubtedly steal the show of any family space as a centerpiece. 

For a Touch of Wow

If you truly want to immerse yourself in that holiday spirit with both size and elegance then our Classic and Premium Half Ball variations are for you! Our Custom Bell Premium Half Ball gives both texture and radiance with gorgeous concave sides that are highlighted by a gold finish. While our Premium Classic Half Balls provide a lovely modern chic aura.

Limited Edition for Endless Style

And last but certainly not least, a personal favorite--our stunning Holiday Edition Red Flame and Gold Jewelry Box! If you’re going for a glamorous holiday celebration this is definitely the way to go as our rich combination of red flame and gold are beautifully highlighted through a timelessly classy jewelry box arrangement.