For Those Budding Romances

Who doesn’t like heart-shaped roses?

Our Valentine’s Day 2023 best seller is none other than our Custom Large Heart Box! Our Custom Large Heart Box is available in both Light Pink and Black with a stunning assortment of 30 XL long-lasting roses. Give the gift of love quite literally with our Special Edition Heart Box!

Pink Blush Please and Thank you
Our 15 Pink Blush Rose Jewelry Box is a perfect gift for honoring a friend or loved one on Valentine’s Day. Our pink blush shade is the perfect symbolization of appreciation, grace, admiration, and gratefulness with its gentle yet vibrant pink hue. Our jewelry box vessel perfectly embodies elegant intentionality!

Extravagant Love 

If you’re wanting to keep things intimate this year, give your loved one the gift of a Custom Heart Box that is sure to say it all! Do you want to spoil your loved one with the most lavish gesture of all Valentine’s Day time?! If so, our Custom Jumbo Velvet Black Box is definitely for you. Brimming with 150 XL long-lasting roses that can spell out whatever romantic notion your heart desires. A popular phrase for most clients is “ I ❤️ u”--choose from our manifold array of rose color options for your once-in-a-lifetime gift.

Custom Rustic Meets Glamour

What happens when you think of all the things that you love about our popular Custom Rustic Mini Half Ball and then amplify that with all the luxe feels? You get our beloved Extra Large Rustic Half Ball! Bigger and better, our Extra Large Rustic Half Ball comes with 80 XL intricately arranged forever roses in a gorgeous concave wooden sphere.

That Springtime Love

Does your loved one have a fondness for spring colors or spring blossoms in particular? If so you’re in luck as we are offering our annual LIMITED EDITION PREMIUM SPRING BLOSSOM HALF BALL with the perfect romantic hues that are reminiscent of everything spring!

Passion Meets Opulence

Our Red Flame Jewelry Box options are a pristine fit for those looking to gift something luxurious with our popular and vibrant Red Flame Rose as an integral centerpiece! Our Single Red Flame Rose Jewelry Box, as well as our Custom 4 Roses Jewelry Box, are both intimate and thoughtful all while providing a functional drawer to store jewelry and other small valuables.