“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow” -John Lennon

Are You An Elegant Gift Giver?

Our 25 Red Flame Roses Jewelry Box is immaculately lined with 25 XL long-lasting roses and equipped with a functional drawer to store jewelry and other adorning valuables. This exquisite jewelry box truly highlights the radiance of our Red Flame Roses!

24 Karat Magic in the Air

Thinking of giving your loved one a gift that has some bling while also keeping things elegantly intentional? Look no further, our Single Gold Rose Jewelry Box is the pick for you! 

Encased in our stunning jewelry box our gold dipped rose is surely a stunner.

Love Served Fair & Square

Our Medium Square Box with 16 XL long-lasting roses is perfect for a thoughtfully extravagant Valentine’s Day surprise! Our Medium Square Box is available in black or light pink. 

Give Me All The Pink

Our Wooden Extra Large Half Ball of 80 Roses is perfect for those wanting to give the most luxurious of gestures. With our pristinely stunning wooden box, our arrangement of 80 roses is truly the perfect centerpiece for the ultimate wow effect.

Chic & Sleek

Our Custom Modern Mirrored Table Centerpiece is overflowing with 12 XL Ecuadorian Roses in our chic and sleek mirror paneled centerpiece! Give the gift of romance and timeless interior grandeur with this special Rose Box arrangement.

A Classic Love Story

Wanting a classic luxe arrangement for your loved one? If so our Custom Bell Premium Half Ball of 55 Roses is the match for you! With a majestic vase in bell gold our forever roses are bound to be highlighted perfectly in every space.