Marie Kondo Made Me Do It: Tidying Up!

By Katelyn Chef

Marie Kondo Made Me Do It

Being stuck indoors when the weather is either at it's snowiest or too bone-chilling cold has its disadvantages for sure--you know I hate it-However, the bad winter weather has its perks too. We have had some bad weather as of late & during the worst days, I stayed in & channeled my inner Marie Kondo & the KonMari method aka The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.In fact, I did the art/practice of tidying a little bit by a little bit. One day, I did my dresser {foldeed everything to the very best that Marie Kondo preaches} the next, my closet, on to a bathroom set of drawers & the next day, a group of desk drawers.Each day, I tidied up, went through unwanted items, trash, & so on.Soon, the cold weather was only a state-of-mind as my actual mind felt clearer & ready for new possibilities as well as a new season. Ahem, spring. Within a week of doing my best version of the KonMari, I have found, I can easily hang my clothes in my closet without a huge struggle, my clothing rack is lighter-airier, & my dressers {while still full} have just a good feeling to them--like everything is placed just so. It feels nice!I bought this pink metal rack from TJ Max to house purses & a few seasonal garments. The white jewel box was a recent Target clearance find.
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
I love how the jewel box looks decorative, but stylishly houses my most worn accessories--it was like under $10.00!I also was inspired to tidy up {not only to get ready for the new season coming} but by Carly, Carly the Prepster's post on it.What about you, are you ready to straighten & tidy up?
A Target Clearance Find
 Rack via Tj Max 
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