Our Top Picks this Valentine’s Day, Modern Mirror Centerpieces!

Reflective Love

Our popular Custom Modern Silver Mirrored Centerpiece elegantly holds 12 XL long-lasting roses that perfectly frame our regally mirrored vessel. If you’re feeling fancy and also want your loved one to have a show stopper centerpiece in their home this is your ideal pick! With gorgeously placed lines that present as modern chic, this centerpiece is an unforgettable one.

Simply Stunning

If you’re wanting to gift your loved one with a centerpiece that is sleek yet sophisticated our Custom Gray Slate Table Centerpiece is for you! Our Custom Gray Slate Table Centerpiece is simple yet exquisite with captivating mirrored side panels that encase 12 XL long-lasting roses. An essential for a loved one’s interior space!

Marvelously Mini

If you’re wanting to keep things intimate this year, give your loved one the gift of a Custom Mini Box that is sure to say it all! Do If you want that majestic mirror magic but also want to keep things mini then our Mini Modern Mirror is the perfect choice for you! Our Mini Modern Mirror encases 4 XL Ecuadorian roses that are radiantly illuminated in our mirrored cube-shaped vase. 

Upscale Your Mini

If you’re wanting to upscale your mini mirror then our Modern Mini Half Ball is for you! Our Modern Mini Half Ball is brimming with 22-25 XL Ecuadorian roses in our modern mini mirrored vase. Radiating with both style and grace our Modern Mini Half Ball is perfect for a timeless interior centerpiece!