Rose Box NYC - Rose Color Guide for the Moms in Your Life

To some, the simple aesthetic preference of a particular rose color over another is the deciding factor when finding the perfect floral arrangement-- others delve deeper into the meaning of each rose color and what they represent before gifting to their loved one. At Rose Box, we support and celebrate each individual’s journey to finding the perfect gift. For those interested in learning a bit more about the symbolism of our rose color offerings, particularly for the Mother’s Day gift-giving season, continue to read our Rose Color Guide for the Moms in Your Life below.

For your Mom - Violet, Light Pink 

The OG Mom deserves only the best! We recommend colors like Violet (which celebrates spirituality and femininity) or Light Pink (which is an expression of gratitude and admiration). The soft colors remain tranquil in home spaces, and can be enjoyed and appreciated all year long. Make Mom feel extra special with our Build Your Own Box customizations and don’t forget to add gift wrap and a greeting card for the ultimate gift!

Large Modern Silver Mirrored Centerpiece

For your Wife/Partner - Red Flame, Pure White

Add a touch of passion with Red Flame roses for your wife or partner-- as this color represents romantic love and admiration. Pure White roses are also a beautiful option and represent purity and hope. These classics are our bestsellers for a reason... classic, timeless, elegant-- you simply cannot go wrong :) Check out our Mother’s Day Collection to get inspired to pick the perfect base!

Extra Large Wooden Half Ball

For a New Mom - Pure White, Bright Yellow

In addition to gifting Pure White roses to your wife or partner-- they are also lovely for a new or expectant mother. Pure White roses are also representative of new beginnings and are often cherished at weddings or bridal events. Bright Yellow is also perfect for the new or expecting mom in your life, celebrating joy, friendship, warmth and cheerfulness. Our top pick for a new or expectant mother would be our Jewelry Box Collection-- featuring a beautiful acrylic box to display either 1, 4, 15, 16 or 25 of our beautiful long-lasting roses.

Golden Mini Half Ball

For your Grandmother - Light Pink, Sweet Lemon

Express gratitude and admiration with Light Pink or Sweet Lemon roses for your Grandmother this Mother’s Day. These beautiful colors are not only stunning visually but are soft, muted hues that will compliment any home all year long! Our picks for Grandmothers include traditional centerpieces like the Elite Gold Classic Half Ball or the Modern Mirrored Centerpiece.

Modern Mirror Bundle