Roses are red, Violets are blue. Here’s a Rose Box just for you!

Nothing says “I love you” like red roses, nonetheless roses that are guaranteed to last a year! Red roses are the quintessential representation of romance,  love, beauty, courage and respect–show your loved one all of those endearing Valentine’s feels by gifting one of our special Valentine’s Day Rose Boxes.

Red Flame Zest but make it Chic

Our Medium White Box with Red Flame Roses is ideal for those who enjoy the gorgeous juxtaposition of our chic white box alongside our boldly passionate Red Flame roses! Our Medium Rose Box comes with an assortment of 24 XL roses.

Send All the Hugs and Kisses

True romance is in the details, if you want to show off your intentionality to your loved one then our Limited Edition XOXO Rose Box is for you! Covered in hand painted red lips symbolizing the ultimate XOXO expression, our Limited Edition XOXO Rose Box is available in a medium size of 21 XL long lasting roses. 

Purple Romance 

Itching for something other than the traditional red rose for your Valentine’s Day gift? If so, our Royal Purple Roses or Neon Pink Roses are the perfect fit for you. With arrangement styles ranging from 4 to 55 roses these magnetic Long Lasting Roses placed within our elegant Modern Mirror vessel will have your loved one feeling like royalty!