Stop and Smell the Roses on Valentine’s Day

What better way to commemorate Valentine’s Day than with some lovely smelling roses that are guaranteed to last for a year! And with dozens of playful colors and styles to choose from, you'll be sure to make this day and every day one to remember for your special someone.

Tender Love

If you’re a sucker for a more natural and organic look our Custom Wooden Dream is for you! Our Custom Wooden Dream is exquisitely carved into a circular vase that preserves the gorgeous texture and concave of traditional wood shaping. Popular rose colors for our Valentine’s Day Wooden Dream arrangement are Pure White, Ruby Pink and Red Flame.

Gifted with Meaning

If you’re wanting to keep things intimate this year, give your loved one the gift of a Custom Heart Box that is sure to say it all! With an assortment of 20 XL long lasting roses in our luxe velvet Rose Box you’re bound to make a gesture that is beyond thoughtful. Our Custom Heart Boxes are available in Black, Pink and Red! And for an extra touch of love, add a custom message to make it oh so personal and sweet.

Regal Love

Our Centerpieces are sophistication and refinement at its finest. With gorgeously slated gray sides that perfectly contrast the opulence of 12 XL Pure White Roses this arrangement will inevitably make your loved one feel honored and appreciated. And the best part? This piece will keep your loved ones table looking beautiful and chic all year long!

55 The Number of Luck and Love

If you’re feeling lucky and/or extravagant our Premium Black Box with Half Ball of 55 Roses is the ultimate pick for you! What better way to say “I love you” then to gift your special someone with a beautiful dome of Ecuadorian roses that are guaranteed to last at least a year. Sounds like timeless love to me! And placed within our modern chic black Rose Box *chefs kiss –absolute perfection.

It’s The Thought That Counts

For those wanting to take personalization to the next level our Build Your Box with Custom Initial is right up your alley! With a limitless array of options from box choice to every letter of the alphabet, number and heart symbol you’re bound to find the right fit to make your loved one feel special.