Your Seasonal Decor Refresh - The Best Looks that Last All Year Long


Every season calls for a decor refresh! Brighten your home this season with our line of beautiful and timeless long lasting roses. Our design consultants and expert preserved rose designers have pulled together some of their favorite picks to keep your home decor fresh and vibrant, all year long!

Dana’s Electric Art Deco

"For me, seasonal changes always call for vibrant and bold colors, and with roses that last for a year, these colors always look great with my fall or winter decor! Our Golden Mini Half Ball with Night Blue Roses is the perfect color pop." - Dana, Co-Founder

Einat’s Dreamy Wooden Decor

“Our Wooden collection is always a go to for my decor refresh. This Rustic Premium Half Ball is perfect for my dining room table or coffee table. It’s all about mixing the deep and classic wood look with a bit of a color pop, so I like to mix it up with our light pink preserved roses for a fresh look, all year long.” - Einat - Lead Florist

No matter the look you are going for, long lasting roses make any space a bright and cherry utopia! You can always count on these roses to create an amazing wow moment while reminding you and your loved ones of the beauty that every season brings.